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Tradecorp is an exporter’s ideal container supplier

Take advantage of hectares of holding bays, versatile intermodal containers, and the superior service of a freight container company that specialises in one-way hires and reselling. Tradecorp’s expert team will help you efficiently manage your container fleet, significantly cutting costs and increasing margins.

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Buy, store and resell any number of containers.

With the option of one-way container hires, Tradecorp significantly cuts transportation costs.

Stop worrying about idle containers. With thousands of containers and dozens of locations, Tradecorp can source, supply and dispose of any number of containers. We’ll get your exports to their destination quickly and safely.

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Make your export problem our next challenge.

Whether it’s too big, awkwardly shaped, fragile or dangerous, we’ll find an affordable solution.

If you’re worried about the shape, size or sensitivity of exports, you’ve come to the right place. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve never baulked at a challenge. We always find a way to safely and securely get our clients’ goods to their destination.

Cut costs, risks and labour by choosing a versatile intermodal container.

Send your goods in a container that seamlessly switches from sea to rail to road.

Every time your freight is handled, you introduce new costs and risks. With the latest intermodal containers, your cargo can remain untouched until it reaches its destination. Enjoy more reliable delivery times, fewer customs processes and easier planning.

We closely collaborate with your Freight Forwarder.

We’ll partner with your logistics company to get cargo from A to B faster.

Benefit from Tradecorp’s huge number of containers and locations. Get the best recommendations on container types, import duties and legal requirements. We can even arrange a one-off payment for your cargo’s one-way trip.

Choose from a huge selection of container types

Over the past 25+ years, there isn’t a container type we haven’t stocked, sourced or shipped. We’ll help you choose the perfect container solution. We never fail to find, or create, the right container for our client’s exports.

Standard Shipping Container hire tradecorp international


Our 6-foot, 8-foot, 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot or high-cube containers include various accessory options like plumbing, shelving, ventilation, air conditioning and security.



Benefit from our vast range of refrigerated, insulated, side-opening, half-height and dangerous goods containers.

Eliminating An Expensive Trade Imbalance Tradecorp Shipping Container Hire

Thirty-plus years of service to Australian exporters.

Partner with a company with the scale, network and expert team to guarantee the best container solutions.

Expect the finest personal service from a single point of contact who will always make sure you’re looked after. Access the region’s largest fleet of containers, leading experts on container transport and a vast network of global partners.

Benefit from the scale and expertise of the region’s largest container supplier.

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