Intermodal Container Solutions For A Remote Mining Operation

This large international mining company has several locations.

But for the past 50 years, one operation, in particular, has presented many transportation and storage challenges. 

The company extracts minerals from a very remote Pacific Island with limited facilities and large overheads. Diverse resources need to be sourced from locations all around the globe. 

Partnering with Tradecorp International, the company has been able to source and manage a large fleet of containers that can transport and store enormous machinery components, hazardous chemicals and general supplies. 

Most of the resources are transported through the intermodal system, with requirements for many different container types:

  • Tyres and wheels for large burden-carrying trucks cannot fit into conventional containers, so are transported using open-top containers
  • Oversized plant and machinery equipment that cannot be deconstructed to fit inside standard containers are shipped on flat rack containers
  • Tank Containers are engaged to import various chemicals, fuels and water for the mine site
  • Dangerous Goods containers are used on-site to store chemicals, acids and supplies that require specialised storage for either safety or environmental reasons
  • General-purpose containers are used for the supply of stores and general supplies

Tradecorp can source all types of containers from any location globally including Germany, Italy, Malaysia, the USA and China. Containers are sourced and hired to the mining company for their use which may be for as little as 30 days but may extend for years.

On completion of the hire period, the containers (whatever the type) can be dehired at a location suitable to the customer, including remote locations.

No other company in this region can supply this service.

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