Managing A Fleet Of Specialised Containers For An International Removal Company

A well-established and internationally recognised company has an ongoing requirement for flexible container supply that enables it to meet the requirements of its customers, no matter how short the notice or how big the demand. 

Not only does the company move business and domestic customers around Australia, but it also has a large international demand. This business is also a big player in the shop fitout market, supplying refurbishment programs to offices, hotels and businesses in general.

The company is subject to seasonal and economy-driven demands and requires large volumes of suitable containers at very short notice. Because of the dynamics of their business, there are often demands for high volumes of containers in remote locations, which leads to many containers being accumulated at various locations.

In 2015, we were able to develop a unique model for the business. Tradecorp International supplies them with a large number of new specialised containers, servicing both urban and remote locations. To meet additional demands, we also provide top-up numbers seasonally to add to their long-term lease arrangement.

The long-term hire arrangement is ideal for the international removal company, which recently renewed for a further 5-year term.

The added benefits to the customer are the deductibility of the hire charges, the off-balance sheet access to thousands of high-quality specialised products and the ability to utilise their saved cash reserves for other acquisitions and projects.

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