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Tradecorp’s vast network and unrivalled fleet, offer shippers superior choices, prices and services

We help shippers reduce transit times and get the most out of every container. Take advantage of our wide range of container types and vast network of destination ports.

Choose the container company that will help you optimise every stage of cargo transport.

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With an extensive range of products at every serviced port, we can quickly deliver large numbers of specialised containers.

Take advantage of timely opportunities without incurring delays or paying expensive premiums. We always store large numbers of containers at serviced ports, and if we don’t have the right product, we’ll make sure it’s delivered fast.

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Choose from standard or specialised solutions

Australasia’s most extensive range of containers.

We’ll provide the right recommendations and advice, including tips that could significantly cut costs and transit times.

Used shipping containers

Switch from sea to rail to road without any additional handling

Choose a convenient, quick and affordable intermodal container solution.

Enjoy lower prices, reduced customs and better security. When transportation routes include links to road and rail, intermodal containers are the perfect solution. Pack and label contents once and your container will seamlessly transition from one mode of transport to the next.

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Store it before you haul it

We’ll help you optimise your freight transportation by offering vast areas of storage space.

Give yourself the advantage of getting the best freight rates thanks to our affordable storage solutions. Take control of the timing and cost of transportation while we keep a close eye on your imports and exports. From single containers to entire fleets, we’ll keep it safe.

Get your ideal standard or specialised solution.

No one has a wider range of standard and specialised containers.

We can provide any size, shape and customisation. We’re the container suppliers who never say no. Talk to our team about your problem, and we guarantee you’ll get the right solution.

Standard Shipping Container hire tradecorp international


Our 6-foot, 8-foot, 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot or high-cube containers include various accessory options like plumbing, shelving, ventilation, air conditioning and security.



Benefit from our vast range of refrigerated, insulated, side-opening, half-height and dangerous goods containers.

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The one-stop container shop for Australian shippers.

We’ll collaborate with your team to get the most value out of every container.

When you’re responsible for every delay or mishap during transit, the last thing you need is a container company that doesn’t understand your business. That’s why we offer a single point of contact who will offer recommendations based on our extensive knowledge of freight transport in the region.

Talk to our experts to discover how you can increase range, reach and levels of service without paying more. Call Tradecorp.

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