Who we are

Tradecorp is a Queensland, Australia, business success story

When Tradecorp sold its first 20-foot container in Mackay, Qld in 1995, the Zarb family couldn’t have imagined their small enterprise would grow into one of the Australia’s largest shipping container companies.

Twenty-five years later, Tradecorp is a crucial link in thousands of shipping routes across Asia, servicing hundreds of ports and providing container fleets for some of the world’s largest brands, state and local governments, as well as ASX200 companies.

The key to its success is surprisingly simple.

The Zarb family has never lost sight of its goal to provide personal service and custom solutions. That’s the point of difference that has helped Tradecorp grow so rapidly. Every conversation with a partner always ends with the word yes.

Yes, we can source it. Yes, we can store it. Yes, we can build it.

If Tradecorp’s brand stands for anything, it’s the ability to overcome the impossible. Regardless of the shape, size, sensitivity or location of freight, our team uses its vast network and resources to find a solution.

Every project begins the same way it did back in Mackay when the family sold that first 20-foot container: two businesses collaborating to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Tradecorp still assigns a single point of contact to each project, to ensure clients are looked after, it still finds the most innovative solutions, and it still guarantees results. That’s why the company now calls some of Australasia and South-East Asia’s largest brands close partners.

Tradecorp Philanthropy

Tradecorp has worked and traded with hundreds of ports and their communities for 25+ years. We understand that our success depends on the prosperity of our partners. That’s why we always chip in when times are tough, or disaster strikes.

Originating in Mackay, Central Qld, the Zarb family realise the costs on the families of sick kids living in regional areas, needing help for medical appointments in bigger metropolitan centres like Brisbane or Sydney. The family is proud to help those privately by ensuring they can make their appointments which are often over 1,000 kms down the Bruce Highway, for specialist appointments and the like.

Moreover, with the natural disasters that have hit the Central Qld region in the last few decades, Tradecorp knows our fleet has the power to provide goods, medicines and shelter to people who urgently need it. It’s been our privilege to assist government organisations and NGOs with emergency response initiatives, easing the pressure on communities during times of hardship.

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