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Tony Zarb


Mark Llewellyn


Mr. Tony Zarb and Mr. Mark Llewellyn are the driving forces behind the exceptional growth and success of Tradecorp International Pty Ltd, positioning it as Australia's premier sales and rental company for shipping containers. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they lead the organisation with expertise and dedication.

As the Executive Director, Mr. Zarb brings unparalleled entrepreneurial proficiency honed through diverse experiences in the shipping industry and other sectors. Meanwhile, CEO Mr. Llewellyn boasts an accomplished career as a machinery dealer across seven branches in Central QLD, preceded by an extensive tenure in one of Australia's Big 4 Banks. Through his leadership, the company has cultivated strong local partnerships and achieved remarkable milestones.

Their strategic vision and collaborative approach have fostered a culture of loyalty and longevity among the devoted Tradecorp team, evidenced by the extensive tenures of many employees. Furthermore, Mr. Zarb and Mr. Llewellyn actively engage in philanthropic initiatives and contribute to their local communities. Renowned for their accessible leadership style, genuine concern for employee well-being, and exceptional business acumen, they embody the values and achievements of Tradecorp International, solidifying its position as Australia's preferred supplier, seller, and rental provider for shipping containers.

Our Team

Luke Harris

General Manager

Luke Harris is an accomplished General Manager renowned for his collaborative approach and genuine care for his team. With a notable background in the container industry, Luke's journey began in 2013, gaining valuable experience in modular construction before joining the current business in 2020. As a hands-on leader, Luke has consistently excelled in sales, specializing in providing solutions that deliver mutual benefits for clients. However, Luke's leadership style goes beyond driving sales success; he strongly believes in the power of teamwork and places a high value on fostering a culture of collaboration and support within his team. Luke's strategic mindset, customer-centric approach, and unwavering commitment to his team's well-being make him a valuable asset in driving exceptional results. With his expertise and genuine care for his team, Luke ensures that both clients and his team members receive the highest level of service and support, resulting in sustainable growth and success.

Phone: 0477 520 466 | Email:

Shaun Byrne

Sales Manager

Shaun Byrne is an accomplished Sales Manager, overseeing the Queensland (Qld) region at Tradecorp International. With a decade of experience in the shipping container industry, Shaun possesses invaluable expertise in both retail and sales operations. He prides himself on his customer-centric approach, consistently delivering outstanding service and advice. Shaun's unwavering commitment to honesty ensures that Tradecorp's clientele can trust in his genuine dedication to their best interests. With a focus on fostering existing partnerships and forging new alliances, Shaun eagerly anticipates the daily opportunities to connect with customers, comprehend their unique requirements, and provide tailored solutions. His executive prowess and passion for customer satisfaction make him an invaluable asset to the Tradecorp team.

Phone: 0439 362 009 | Email:

Ryan Hack

Business Development Manager

Ryan Hack is a results-oriented Business Development Manager known for his strong work ethic and collaborative approach. With a proven track record of successfully building businesses and launching products from the ground up, Ryan is a dynamic asset to any organisation. His hands-on approach and willingness to go the extra mile exemplify his dedication to achieving tangible outcomes. With a passion for driving growth and identifying strategic opportunities, Ryan consistently delivers exceptional results. His ability to adapt quickly to evolving business landscapes and his natural team-player mindset make him an invaluable addition to any team. Ryan's entrepreneurial spirit and determination ensure his contributions make a lasting impact on the success of the businesses he serves.

Phone: 0476 100 171 | Email:

Graeme Partland

Business Development Manager

Graeme Partland is a highly accomplished Business Development Manager with an impressive career spanning over 35 years. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Graeme brings extensive expertise in professional selling and relationship development to the table. Having successfully operated in diverse markets, he has cultivated strong skills in engaging with Government, Corporate, and Small Business clients. Graeme's versatility is evident through his involvement in various sectors, including construction, civil construction, mining, energy, and resources. Representing a wide range of industries, Graeme's skill set is honed to deliver exceptional results. With a strategic mindset and a keen eye for opportunity, Graeme consistently drives business growth and fosters long-term partnerships.

Phone: 0460 968 919 | Email:

Ken Smith

National Project Manager

Ken Smith is a seasoned National Projects Manager with 20+ years of expertise in the Civil, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Renewable sectors. Known for his sharp business acumen, Ken excels in identifying growth opportunities and thriving in competitive markets. From Oil & Gas Project Engineer to General Manager, he has supported clients across onshore/offshore drilling. Ken's transition into Civil construction saw him deliver successful projects, while recent years focused on mining and Renewable energy initiatives. With core skills in market analysis, strategic planning, relationship building, and negotiation, Ken has a proven track record of driving business growth. His attention to detail, problem-solving ability, and effective communication makes him an invaluable asset.

Phone: 0438 197 639 | Email:

Jim Girgis

Business Development Manager

As an experienced Client Relationship & Business Development Management professional across the areas of media and hospitality, I have developed a unique and diverse skill set in building relationships across a diverse cross-section of industries. It is with this experience that has allowed me for the last 10 years to be an integral part of the world of Shipping Containers……. A world that I’m extremely passionate about, a modification specialist in all things Shipping Containers, with the addition of Project management across most sectors in both commercial and residential environment. A self-motivated, positive and friendly individual, with excellent communication skills and a resourceful and adaptable attitude to looking after my clients. Ambitious and people focused, thriving in positions of responsibility, enjoy working in team environments and translating my impressive portfolio of unique solutions to diverse market segments. I look forward to connecting with you & using this combination of my personal credentials and extensive industry experience to benefit your organisation.

Phone: 0413 493 542 | Email:

Simon Collins

New South Wales Sales Manager

Simon Collins is a results-driven NSW Sales Manager with a genuine passion for cultivating and nurturing client relationships. Committed to upholding the core values of the Tradecorp Family, Simon embodies trust, integrity, and excellence in his interactions. With over 18 years of experience in the Shipping Container Industry, he possesses a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies. Simon's expertise lies in delivering effective solutions to meet client needs. His unwavering dedication to both personal and client success fuels his drive to exceed expectations. With a customer-centric mindset and a knack for problem-solving, Simon is a valuable asset in achieving mutual growth and success.

Phone: 0438 442 652 | Email:

Oscar Wilson-Hughes

Sales Manager Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia

Oscar Wilson-Hughes is a highly dedicated Sales Manager overseeing Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia. With a genuine passion for finding tailored solutions, Oscar consistently goes above and beyond for his clients. Armed with extensive industry knowledge and years of experience, he possesses the expertise to address all container requirements. Oscar's specialisation in business development and new container orders enables him to provide valuable insights and support for your next project. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that each client receives top-notch service. With Oscar's guidance, expect exceptional outcomes and a seamless experience for all your container needs.

Phone: 0459 886 795 | Email:

Mario Buttigieg

Sales Manager Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia

Mario Buttigieg is a highly accomplished professional with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and an impressive 20-year track record in Logistics and Sales. Throughout his career, Mario has excelled in various key roles, including working for various Shipping Lines, serving as an Operations Manager at Container Parks, and overseeing operations at the Rail Head. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mario's meticulous attention to detail is second to none, and he takes great pride in his work. He is truly customer-focused, consistently striving to help clients achieve their objectives and ensuring their satisfaction. No challenge is too big for Mario, who always finds innovative solutions to deliver containers promptly and efficiently. He has built strong and enduring relationships with his customers through his diligence, passion, and results-driven approach. In the world of logistics and sales, Mario Buttigieg's exceptional skills and dedication make him an invaluable service provider who consistently delivers outstanding outcomes.

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