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WinterReefer™ by Tradecorp offers new and used 20' and 40' refrigerated container range

New and used refrigerated shipping containers for sale

Explore our wide range of refrigerated shipping containers available for sale. Whether you're in need of new or used containers, we have the perfect solution for you. While used second-hand 20' and 40' refrigerated containers are commonly regarded as excellent options for storage purposes, it's worth considering the advantages of purchasing brand new containers. Although the allure of a lower price tag may be tempting, there are numerous compelling reasons to explore the benefits of investing in new containers instead.

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When purchasing used reefer containers, they are typically available in two conditions: "running" condition with a valid PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) or "as-is" in non-running condition.

These containers generally have an age range of 15-20 years, although variations in age are possible. Throughout their lifespan, they have primarily been utilized for international transportation, leading to wear and tear on the container body. Despite essential repairs being made, the insulation values may be compromised.

The doors of these containers often suffer from heat leakage due to damaged and distorted door gaskets. Additionally, they feature T-section floors that are not the most suitable for storage purposes.

Furthermore, it's important to note that the refrigeration machinery within these containers is as old as the containers themselves. Consequently, they may lack the power efficiency offered by newer refrigeration technology, potentially leading to reliability issues.

Take advantage of the containers currently available in our depots!

We have a variety of options to meet your needs. Choose from our used 20ft reefer containers, which are in excellent condition and ready for use. If you require multiple units, we have a stack of used reefers available as well.

Additionally, we offer a selection of used reefers and 20ft reefers for hire. Our rental rates are highly affordable, allowing you to access top-quality containers without breaking the bank.

If you prefer a more long-term solution, we also provide lease purchase options, giving you the opportunity to own the containers you need. Don't miss out on these fantastic opportunities – contact us today to secure the containers that best suit your requirements.

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Introducing the WinterReefer™ by Tradecorp range of refrigerated containers, designed to revolutionise your cold storage experience.

With Tradecorp, you have the opportunity to rent or purchase these modern, user-friendly, and power-efficient reefer containers. Say goodbye to traditional refrigerated shipping containers and embrace the numerous benefits offered by WinterReefer™.

Our selection includes 10', 20', and 40' reefer containers, catering to your specific storage needs. Whether you require temporary storage solutions or a more permanent setup, Tradecorp has got you covered.

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Our stock on the ground in Australia, offers an extensive inventory of reefer containers available for hire and sale, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your requirements. These cutting-edge solutions deliver exceptional performance and precise temperature control, guaranteeing the preservation of your perishable goods.

Experience the WinterReefer™ by Tradecorp , available in both 20' and 40' sizes, offering storage capacities of 6 or 12 meters. With an impressive temperature range of -40°C to -75°C, this high-performance refrigerated container ensures the preservation and safekeeping of even the most delicate and temperature-sensitive items.

Discover the future of cold storage with the WinterReefer™ by Tradecorp range. Contact us today to explore our range of refrigerated containers and experience unmatched quality and innovation.

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