Eliminating An Expensive Trade Imbalance For One Of The World’s Top 5 Shipping Companies

This international shipping company encountered the same expensive problem that shippers often face in the Pacific region.

They supplied containers to customers to move cargo to Australia, but low demand at the destination port led to containers being underutilised. That meant repatriating empty containers, which created a huge freight imbalance.

Tradecorp entered a long-term arrangement with the shipping line so they could dispose of the empty containers in the Pacific region, preventing the repatriation of empty containers back to the point of embarkation.

Over the past three years, over 25,000 containers have been disposed of by the shipper direct to Tradecorp International. In turn, Tardecorp makes the containers available to its wholesale customers, exporters and transport companies throughout Australia, New Zealand and PNG.

The shipping company is able to identify containers approaching their end-of-asset life, and direct them to Tradecorp which can achieve a mutually beneficial result.

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