Large-Scale Container Supply And Disposal For An International Freight Forwarding Giant

With a reputation for solving seemingly impossible problems, this logistic company mirrors the spirit and capabilities of Tradecorp International. 

Tasked with the responsibility of importing panels to one of the largest solar projects in Australia, the company required the supply, transport, removal and disposal of hundreds of containers. 

Tradecorp managed the scheduled delivery of containers to the factory in China. Then after the containers were transported to Australia and decanted progressively, the containers needed to be removed from the site and disposed of – all at a minimal cost.

Tradecorp was able to supply the required volume of containers to the factory to meet the program, and at the conclusion of the project, accept the containers back into our control for disposal or re-use.

The dynamics of this project were huge.

There were 400 X 40’ High Cube containers transported to one port in Australia. 

If the company had managed the fleet itself, it would have purchased the containers in China and then disposed of them upon the project’s completion. This would have involved high expense, logistical nightmares, and high loss potential by disposing of large volumes of expensive new containers in one location. 

By partnering with Tradecorp, the company met their targets on time and within budget. 

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